Client Testimonials


Hi Wade,
I have been working with Rhonda and Dianna at STS Staffing since 2010. They are always very friendly and helpful. Whenever there is an opening for medical staff Rhonda calls me for graduates. She is very good at her job and definitely helps my graduates become employed in their field of study. She has excellent people skills and is always upbeat. I will continue to call upon STS Staffing for employment of my graduates and since we have such a good working relationship with your company.

Valerie Fisher
Career Services Coordinator
The Milan Institute


Brian Blake at STS.

I would like to thank Brian and his staff at STS Staffing for their
assistance in finding quality candidates (employees) for us over the past 3-4 years. Extremely professional and quick to understand what we are looking for. Brian and his staff are very thorough and quick to find clients that fit our particular needs. It is not uncommon for me to call STS Staffing looking for an employee to fill in on short notice. More than once, Brian and his staff have had a candidate at our location within hours of our initial call.

Todd Maass
Insolution Manufacturing, LLC.


Dan Mortenson at STS
Using our employee criteria, STS has been extremely responsive and successful in fulfilling our temporary labor needs. Their employees arrive on-time and prepared to work. Communication between our organization and STS has been outstanding. STS is proactive and dedicated to the point that I can confidently adjust schedules and shifts in my business and know that we’ll be supported.

Mike Burns
General Manager
Zalk Steel and Supply Company


Dan Mortenson at STS

I was inquiring about Jason this morning with his Supervisor.  For us,
sounds like he is doing extremely well.  He has been moved to a different work area today so he can learn how to perform those job functions. Seems he is very capable and this is the type of employee I have been seeking to bring to Zalk Steel.  How many more 'Jasons' do you have? We'll keep his progression moving and thanks for checking in.

Mike Burns
General Manager
Zalk Steel and Supply Company


We, here at Ansell, Inc. Formerly Barrier Safe Solutions International, have used STS Staffing for its’ warehouse staffing needs at our Reno distribution center for the past four years. The service we have received from Rhonda Mitchell and Diana Allred have been nothing short of exemplary. They are professional, organized, and provide excellent customer service and follow up.

The temporary associates they send to fill our warehouse needs are well groomed, professional, hard-working and, best of all, dependable. Rhonda follows up on each and every new hire to ensure they made it to work, on time, and to find out if they are filling our warehouse needs. Diana always follows up to ensure they get paid accurately and timely. We cannot say enough about your service, but most importantly, we want to commend both Rhonda and Diana on their great attitudes and superior customer service.

Thank you, STS Staffing.

John Martensen
Distribution Center Manager
Ansell, Inc.


We've had the pleasure of working with STS' very pleasant and
professional staff for several years. Their ability to adapt and rapidly
learn our specific business needs as well as our critical functions is
exceptional. STS has proven to have the ability to apply their innate
execution-based style to our business and are able to create success around them by ensuring that their sent talent is simply top notch.  It's a pleasure working with STS and I highly recommend them.

Joe Villegas
General Manager,
National Cart Co. West


Hello Mr. Solberg,

It's not often I write a complimentary letter to businesses that Legend
Valve has done business with but I feel this is certainly one of those
rare occasions to do so. Legend Valve is a Plumbing Distributor handling all plumbing needs for our West Coast Customers.
Two weeks ago marks the one year anniversary that Legend Valve has been in our new facility here in Reno NV. Prior to moving to our new location I have personally used over 15 different staffing agencies over the years. Each agency having its’ own identities and challenges. Some good, some not so good, and some I will not use again.

Since meeting and working with Diana Allred with your company, many of the negative staffing experiences I've had with other agencies has decreased. Not only has Diana provided me with quality people, she also follows up with personal phone calls to my office checking on the personnel she sent and making sure Legend is happy with those individuals.

I'm also very happy with the qualified, experienced, personnel she provides me whenever I call, who. by the way, are on time and ready to work when they arrive. She also delivers each individual their check, which I haven't seen other staffing services do.

I couldn't be happier with her professionalism, follow up and attention to detail when it comes to Legend Valve.

My companies move last December 11th, 12th, and 13th was very challenging to say the least; bad weather, moving trucks showing up late, truck drivers with attitudes and the list goes on and on and on.

This was Legend Valves second time moving since I moved to Reno from Michigan to take over operations in 2003. During this move, I
used four different staffing agencies averaging about 40 people per agency.

I had many challenges with trying to keep up with over 175 people including my own staff, inventory, payroll, and all the other challenges that come with moving. Not to mention meeting deadlines to process orders Monday morning, Dec 14th.

Diana and your STS team stood head and shoulders above the other
agencies with the team they provided, which included dependability,
punctuality, doing what they were asked to do in a timely manner, taking initiative and above all, being a great group to work with during that move.

I again give credit to Diana for providing me [temporary staff] that
could very well become a permanent employee with our company. I just wanted to make sure you, Mr. Solberg, heard directly from me, (a very satisfied customer), of yours and the job Diana is doing. I also plan to continue to work with STS and especially Diana and her supporting staff for all of Legends future temporary staffing needs.

Thank you for having someone like Diana working for your company here in Reno. It has certainly made a BIG DIFFERENCE with
Legend Valve Inc.

Sam Gaut
Director of Operations
Legend Valve & Fitting
Reno, NV


Whether I need someone next week, or as soon as tomorrow, STS Staffing always come through with the right person for the job.  STS is more than just a standard service provider, they care about sending good people to my business and work with me if it is not a good fit. STS is my first and last call when looking for temporary staff.

Katie Hefty
Customer Service and Shipping
Talisman Designs


(In response to a follow-up e-mail concerning the performance of STS temporary staff assigned to work)

Yes, they have been wonderful. We have had [temporary employee] before and he is great. [temporary employees] are awesome also. They all have great personalities [are] really easy to work with and follow direction.. Just good guys!

Curry Roberson
Creative Co-op, Inc.
Memphis, TN