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QUESTION: What’s your ideal job?

At STS Staffing and Temporary Services, our goal is to find you the employment in an area that suits your needs and background, or a flexible job with a flexible schedule. Because if you’re happy at work, then, you’re happier, period!

STS will ask you the right questions to find the right fit.
We’ll work closely with you as we learn about the opportunities that match your interest and skill levels. We can prepare you for the marketplace by consulting on your resume preparation and interview skills, along with our other tips for success. Resource Links

As an STS temporary, you receive the option of a weekly paycheck, direct deposit into the bank account of your choice, or money loaded onto a Visa pay card for the hours you work. STS Staffing is ACA compliant and offers health benefits as required by law.

‘Send current resume to:Resume@stsstaffing.comOr upload your resume using the ‘Upload Resume’ link below.

Did You Know?…

  • STS offers a $25 referral BONUS?
  • Many STS assignments have led to full time employment with the client company?
  • STS is ACA Compliant. Ask your STS recruiter for details.
  • STS offers direct deposits and pay cards as an alternative to weekly pay checks?

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