BLOG 2015

Seasonal Work Available now!

Believe it or not, Summer will soon be upon us, with all of the activities and family gatherings that go along with it, but it's also a good time to grab a Seasonal job to help pay for things. Many retail stores, and other businesses, contact STS Staffing for employee's to work through the Summer month's to help out with the additional work load that comes with outdoor chores like lawn care or landscaping, or just the Summer rush.  From July 4th retail blitz's to increased production of goods, to gardening, there are any number of available ways to make a few extra bucks during this time of year. Temporary staffing is the ideal solution for companies who wish to augment staff and add workers for just a short period of time.  This provides ample opportunity for those wishing to earn money for a short duration and have the flexibility to work either part-time, or full-time during this time of year. Please contact your local STS Staffing Branch office location to discuss seasonal work opportunities!