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What to Expect from Your Staffing Provider: The 4 Steps to the Recruitment Process

T-shirt that says “Find the right people”

T-shirt that says “Find the right people”

In “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy, Toto, the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion were all directed to follow the yellow brick road in order to reach their goal destination and meet the great Oz.

Having a reputable staffing firm on your side to help guide you through the steps to the recruitment process will hopefully put you on your own yellow brick road — one that avoids encounters with the likes of the wicked witch and any flying monkeys.

Here’s what to expect from your staffing provider, in basic terms.

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Step 1: Defining the Need

Does your company require temporary staff for a special project or production overload? Or is the need for someone on an ongoing basis or even a long-term direct hire? Whatever the circumstance, your staffing firm should be able to assist, but the methods and strategy applied will depend upon your circumstances.

A candid and thorough conversation is the first step in meeting your need. Also, the better your staffing firm understands your overall objective, the better they will be able to quickly and efficiently complete the task.

Step 2: Agreeing on a Process

Once the need is defined, agreeing on the best way to reach the goal is necessary. What this means is largely dependent upon your need.

If your company requires temporary staff for 2-3 weeks for a special project, it may simply be just a matter of defining the role(s), work hours, general pay rate, and required skills for the staffing firm to find and send in the people needed to fulfill the requirement.

If, on the other hand, this is a search for a direct hire in a key role, a deeper vetting process including multiple interviews, specific skill or behavioral testing, etc may be needed.

Step 3: The Offer and Acceptance

With temporary employees, a pay rate is established for the work, and a recruiter contacts the available employees who have the requisite skill set to meet the needs of the job.

In a direct hire situation, once a viable candidate has been identified, making an appropriate offer and gaining an acceptance can be more involved.

Your staffing firm will be able to assist with this by providing you with market rates for the position based upon the work they’ve done with other clients for this type of job. They will also vet the candidate in regard to expectations for salary, benefits, PTO, and potentially even some type of sign-on bonus.

Ultimately, everyone should strive for a win-win scenario in regard to the overall compensation package.

Step 4: Follow Up

It’s the “service after the sale” that sets the premier staffing firms apart from those at the back of the pack, and they do so by going the extra mile and following up.

In the case of temporary placements, an “arrival call” on day one ensures that everyone showed up on time and is doing the work as expected. This also includes a call to the supervising manager with your company to see that they are satisfied.

In the case of a direct hire placement, the same sort of arrival call holds true, but it may take the form of a follow-up a couple weeks after the start of the job.

Since this is meant to be a long term relationship, there is more involved than just a skill set to perform the job. True job satisfaction includes many things like challenging work, cultural fit, monetary compensation, room for advancement, and comprehensive benefits. The list goes on, so the follow-up will be more involved and done after some time on the job has elapsed.

In “The Wizard of Oz,” the wonderful wizard pulled all the strings behind the curtain. So should your staffing provider. STS Staffing will be there to pull back the curtain during all of the steps to the recruitment process, in full disclosure, to guide you and your company to successful direct or temporary hires.

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