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How to Maximize Your Potential in 2020

So you’ve put away the holiday decorations, have vowed to start that diet and get to the gym more, and are otherwise kicking off the new year. 

We all know how busy life can get and how that busyness quickly develops into a generally stable routine. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, it’s important to consider how to maximize your potential in 2020 and thus have a better year overall.

In his classic book, “The Magic of Getting What You Want,” Dr. David Schwartz notes in chapter 11: “If we keep our present it-can’t-be-achieved attitudes toward success, continue to associate with negative people, make no positive adjustments in our attitudes, and set our sights on mediocre goals, then we are guaranteed a dull, uneventful, boring, and unrewarding future.” 

That pretty much says it all. Though that paragraph comes off as a somewhat harsh admonishment, these things bear consideration, so let’s look at a few key takeaways.

  1. Attitude Is Everything.  It’s also important to consider how to have the right attitude. Those who see the glass as half full are optimistic, work through challenges and adversity, and just have a happy countenance as they go through life are set up for success. These people will experience greater joy and satisfaction in both their work and personal lives. When trouble stops at their door, these are the people who don’t say, “Why me?” but instead, “How can I best work through this?”.  Avoid the “why” and start asking “how” to seek positive solutions.
  2. Talk to the Hand. Avoiding negative people seems basic enough, right? We shouldn’t even have to spend time on it, but the fact of the matter is you will encounter negativity and it may be in a situation where you just can’t walk away. If a coworker, for example, seems continually intent upon telling you their problems (and in doing so makes you and the entire office staff miserable), it’s best to simply say, “I need to get back to work,” and then get back to your work. This may not succeed right away, but after a while, the office-dwelling psychic vampire will get the message, and you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back for having developed a better approach on how to avoid negative energy.
  3. Aim High. Setting meaningful goals that fulfill and motivate us is a real key to advancement in all areas of life. Think of your life as a journey that you control. If you don’t have a good road map, it’s easy to get lost. Take some time to quickly jot down 10 things you’d like to see, be, do, or have in the next 12 months. Use first-person language in writing down your desires and add as much detail as you’d like. For example, if you currently weigh 200 pounds and want to lose 10 pounds over the next 3 months, state it this way: “I weigh 190 pounds.”  Then ask that magic question, “How?”. Losing 10 pounds over 90 days is .11 pounds per day. An adjustment in diet and exercise will produce excellent results, but you have to write down the goal and track your progress daily.

In “The Magic of Getting What You Want” Dr. David Schwartz goes on to say: “But if we elect to make positive adjustments in our attitudes, discover what is right, not wrong with life’s situations, make friends with people who are moving up, and set big goals for ourselves, then we are assured a large measure of happiness, joy, money, and influence.”  

Well said, Dr. Schwartz. Based on this approach, we can successfully learn how to have a positive attitude towards life.If one of your goals this new year is to find a better job or to find better employees for your organization, then consider STS Staffing. With 29 years of business experience, we are well situated to assist in either case.



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