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How to Hire for Workforce Skills of the Future

There’s been a recent interruption in how businesses operate across industries throughout the United States that has permanently altered the course of recruitment and hiring. Due to changes in technology, which have been fueled and accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, this shift has left many business leaders and HR managers grappling with two issues: how to manage and develop talent within their existing workforce and how to effectively hire new talent that will meet their evolving needs.

As companies transition into this new period, having a sense of urgency while embracing a skills-focused approach to recruitment and hiring will best serve your growth interests as you look to identify and invest in top talent that will stick around and help your company succeed.

Ultimately, by hiring and investing in talent with diverse skill sets, you will build a workforce with the skills of the future that your company needs to grow and thrive while your competitors struggle to fill open positions.

Refine your company’s hiring approach to build stronger for longer.

Education, assessments, certifications, previous job experience, glowing recommendations. During the recruitment process, what else does your company rely on to determine whether a candidate is best able to fill your open position? Further, are you hiring to fill a need today, or are you recruiting talent with a look at investing in a workforce that will have the skills of the future you need?

By using a skills-focused approach to recruitment and hiring, you put the burden on whether a candidate is capable of doing the job, and similar roles your company may soon want to invest in, rather than hiring a prospect who has a narrow work history, or the theoretical education needed for a singular task. Investing in candidates with rich and diverse skill sets will lead to contributions that aren’t bound to a limiting job title and description.

Company leaders, whether using internal human resources personnel or external staffing agencies and recruiters, need a talent pool that identifies, matches and develops the skills your company is likely to need at any point in time.

What are the most important skills for the future?

A mix of hard and soft skills in workers is critical for business growth and sustained success, and that includes a need for employees who are fluent in digital literacy and automation. As technology evolves, having a workforce that can match those needs in digital skills and automation is necessary. However, it’s not just about hiring people who already have these skills — bringing in workers who are hungry to learn and be cross-trained is also important.

Soft skills, such as creative thinking, adaptability, strong communication and curiosity are desirable assets across industries. Creative thinkers are often adaptable workers who solve problems and excel at learning on the fly. Communication skills, meanwhile, are more important than ever as many conversations are becoming abridged while transitioning to digital mediums.

What other attributes does your company look for to support your growth and culture? Hiring candidates who will build on those desired structures and behaviors will improve your workforce, as you fill in talent gaps with new, exciting personnel that will supplement your workforce with wide-ranging skills.

STS Staffing can help build your workforce with the skills of the future.

Having an adaptable workforce will pay dividends into the future. A team of workers with the necessary skills who are able to meet the challenges of growth and evolution requires thinkers who are creative, communicate well, and embrace feedback. Don’t just invest in roles — invest in people, as the right person can fill multiple roles for your company over an extended period of time, instead of just that one job for a limited period.

STS Staffing offers permanent and temporary staffing services that will help you build a workforce with the skills of the future, helping your business thrive. With us as your recruiting agency, trust we’ll provide custom solutions that will fill your specific needs. Contact us today!



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