Full and Part-Time Healthcare & Medical Jobs

Full and Part-Time Medical Jobs

In markets like Arizona, Minnesota, Nevada, and Tennessee, the number of full and part-time medical jobs is growing exponentially as the population ages and seeks additional care and services. Both technically trained staff members and support personnel at all levels are being placed in positions offering personal satisfaction in helping others. This field also offers the benefit of great potential for career growth.

Full and part-time medical jobs are available in Phoenix, Arizona; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada; and Nashville, Tennessee. When working with STS Staffing, you find the perfect fit. Browse our website to find healthcare support personnel positions in your area.

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Non-clinical healthcare jobs are another part of the medical care industry. We can staff your hospital or clinic with healthcare support personnel who specialize in areas outside of patient care. Recruiters, medical writers, and patient advocates are among the positions that don’t require specific certification through a nursing or medical school.

Whether you are looking to fill a full or part-time healthcare job in Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Nashville or Reno, STS can help.

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