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STS utilizes a comprehensive screening process to single out the most qualified applicants for our clients.  In many cases, we’ve been able to collaborate with clients to customize a screening program that includes specific skills testing and behavioral indicator profiles.

To begin, the STS personnel placement services start with an initial contact via phone or e-mail where basic screening questions are posed and answered.  Once it’s been determined that the candidate’s skills, education, overall experience, and work history meet current needs, a face to face meeting is set.

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    Our Signature Staffing Process

    Employer Registration

    1. Initial contact is made between STS and the prospective client regarding the need for temporary staffing services.
    2. A meeting is arranged at the client’s place of business to discuss the need in more specific terms.  STS wants to know a few key things – What is the client’s experience with temporary staffing in the past? –What did they like and what didn’t they like? –What are their expectations of STS should both parties agree to do business together?  We also go over time-keeping procedures and will ask to meet all first-line supervisors and support staff that are involved on the client side.
    3. From there, STS will request a facility tour to get a first-hand look at the actual job being performed, look at safety procedures in place as a first step in our due diligence from a Work Comp standpoint, (is their plant a safe place to work and are we comfortable placing our employees in this work environment?).
    4. After the meeting, STS will send the work details and prospective client information through underwriting to determine our costs in an effort to develop a competitive pricing model.  STS will then submit a staffing agreement with hourly rates, obtain a credit application, and complete a safety walkthrough form that will go in the client file.
    5. Once the agreement is signed, the recruiting process begins in earnest and STS candidates are either submitted to the client for interviews, or we will simply send the required number of people to the job site to begin work.
    6. Quality Control follow up is key in the first few days of any new client relationship to ensure they are pleased with the temporary employees provided and that the process STS has established for on-boarding new hires is working to the clients’ complete satisfaction.

    Our Signature Staffing Process
    Job Seeker Registration

    Employment Registration

    Before STS places a candidate in a job, we need to ask a few questions and gather some information

    Apply On-Line/Upload Resume

    To start the process, upload your resume for review or fill out the on-line application and submit.

    Profile Review

    A qualified STS recruiter will review your credentials and set up a time to meet with you

    STS Interview

    A face to face interview allows your STS recruiter to get to know you and ask about your preferences