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3 Advantages of Temporary Employment and Contract Work

Over the 26 years that STS Staffing & Temporary Services has been in business, we’ve seen a shift in how temporary (or contract) work is viewed in the business community and wider world. Often maligned in the past as a refuge for the “unemployable” who lack any meaningful skills, job seekers are now seeing the many advantages of temporary employment.

In our modern economy, employees are more apt to see themselves as independent contractors or individual contributors — even when they work a full-time job.

Employers are also embracing the idea of “contingent labor,” as it’s something that provides maximum flexibility and control of personnel costs. Temporary help from staffing firms eliminates many overhead costs for businesses and allows employers to adjust the quantity and type of staff they want during peak production times.

From an employee standpoint, the ability to work as a temporary employee, or independent contractor, is advantageous for many reasons:  

  1. Your staffing firm has standing relationships with many companies, giving you many different opportunities and valuable experiences. This can be crucial in developing skills, gaining experience, and growing your network of contacts.
  2. Your staffing firm generally knows of available positions that aren’t actively advertised to the general public. The firm can get your foot in the door with good organizations that need help.
  3. Over 30% of all STS Staffing temporary assignments have the potential for a long-term, direct hire relationship with the client company. Working with a staffing firm can be a great way to get hired into a position that offers greater pay and benefits. While we can’t guarantee anyone will be hired as a permanent employee, or when, we have seen it happen often enough to feel confident in promoting this scenario as a true advantage of contract work.

In addition, the lure of mobility that temporary work offers is quite appealing to many employees.

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