Don’t Be Caught Short-Staffed

Together we can beat the nationwide talent shortage affecting so many employers across industries.

Staffing Shortages Aren't New

That doesn’t make recovery any easier. The tight talent market ramped up just before the COVID-19 pandemic and has only worsened since. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, there were more open positions from late 2019 into early 2020 than Americans available to fill them. Finding the right applicants with the experience and skills necessary to fill a company’s vacancies has never been more challenging.

Why Is There a Talent Shortage?

U.S. businesses looking to hire in many industries are having a difficult time finding qualified candidates. According to John Brennan, Forbes contributor and Chief Strategy, Innovation & Acceleration Officer for Willis Towers Watson, contributing factors include lagging labor participation rates, high turnover levels, an aging population, and lack of engagement. The solutions to consider for this pervasive shortage are to focus on culture and employee, experience, helping employees build relevant skills, exploring the options AI offers, and taking a creative approach to hiring.

How Do You Overcome a Talent Shortage?

There are a variety of creative solutions that can give your business an edge in overcoming and solving its talent shortage. Since so many companies are competing over roughly the same group of candidates, it’s critical to find ways to give your business the advantage.

Is there a Secret to Ending Talent Shortages?

Regardless of your industry or geographic location, here are a handful of universal tips to help solve your talent shortage:

How Do You Fix a Talent Shortage?

STS Staffing has creative solutions that can go a long way in helping solve your talent shortage—permanently. Getting ahead of a talent shortage and solving it isn’t as simple as paying more than your competitors. Here are a few suggestions from our experts.

Offload Direct Hire Recruiting

Our direct hire staffing agency gives clients the opportunity to interview prescreened candidates for permanent positions for a competitive one-time fee. This fee can vary based on volume and position type, but we always stand behind our work with a full replacement guarantee.

Hire Remote Employees

In today’s evolving job market, remote work has become increasingly popular and is sought after by top candidates who appreciate its convenience and efficiency. Many people thrive in their own space, finding fewer distractions and increased productivity when working remotely. At STS Staffing, we understand the growing demand for remote employment opportunities. We can help guide you through hiring and managing remote workers. Let our experts help you harness the power of remote work to drive your business forward.

Add Contingent Workers

Contingent workers can bring numerous advantages to your organization. Contingent staffing reduces expenses associated with benefits, training, and overhead costs. It offers a probationary period, allowing you to evaluate their skills and fit and assess their performance before making long-term commitments. Contingent workers give your company the flexibility and agility to navigate fluctuating demands, buy time to determine future steps, and respond effectively to market changes. STS Staffing provides top-quality contingent workers ready to seamlessly integrate into your team and contribute to your business’s success.

Let STS Staffing Help Solve Your Talent Shortage

When you need temporary or permanent employees, STS Staffing is an employment agency with the solutions employers count on. Our team, with over 30 years of experience, provides quality solutions for some of the most demanding industries. Contact us when you need help solving your toughest talent shortages.