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What is it like to hire skilled talent with STS Staffing?

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What sets STS Staffing, a temporary staffing and recruiting agency, apart from its competitors?

Our signature staffing process has evolved over our firm’s 30+ years into a big part of what attracts employers to STS Staffing and keeps them returning year after year. Our approach to recruiting and temporary staffing services prioritizes your needs, ensuring accuracy and quick results.

The steps are simple and straightforward:

  • Meet to discuss your needs – not just the current vacancy but also any current or ongoing staffing challenges, upcoming projects or plans for growth.
  • Review expectations and other details – this is also an excellent time for our team to confer with front-line supervisors and support staff that will be affected.
  • Take a facility tour – getting a firsthand look at the job environment can help us make an accurate match.
  • Prepare staffing agreement – will include hourly rates and specifics of the agreement. This is also when we’ll ask for a credit application and complete a safety walkthrough form.
  • Begin the recruiting process – we’ll submit a short list of candidates for you to interview, or if you prefer, we can send the number of people you requested to the job site to get started.
  • Ongoing communication – we’ll follow up to ensure our employees are performing as promised and the onboarding process was successful.

If STS Staffing sounds like the kind of temporary staffing and recruiting agency you’re interested in partnering with, reach out today!

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What services does your staffing and recruiting agency offer?

STS Staffing offers permanent, temporary, and temp-to-hire staffing services tailored to your industry and organization. You can enjoy the flexibility of seasonal, contract, or temporary staffing services for project requirements, spikes in demand, or rapid growth. Our temporary-to-hire staffing option is like an extended job interview – you get to see firsthand if a candidate has what it takes to succeed in your organization before adding them to your team. If you’re ready to hire, our recruiters can quickly produce a short list of top prospects for your direct hire needs. No matter what your industry is or the size of your company, we provide skilled, vetted employees.

Why partner with a temporary staffing agency like STS Staffing instead of filling the position on my own?

At STS Staffing, we understand that people are the most important part of any business. Our staffing solutions can be customized to your specific needs so you can be confident you always have the people you need when you need them for as long as you need them.

Keeping your business fully staffed can be frustrating and expensive. The STS Staffing has a simple and efficient process for finding the right people, onboarding them quickly and getting them to work. Our experts know what’s going on in the industry, economy, and employment market. We provide the insights you need to make smart hiring decisions without investing time you’d rather spend on other priorities.

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In what industries do your recruiters specialize in?
STS Staffing has been providing staffing solutions to the seasonal/retail, manufacturing, warehouse, customer service, healthcare, administrative and transportation industries for more than 30 years. Our specialized recruiters understand the unique needs of the industries we serve. That’s why we can hire quickly and accurately with solutions tailored to your business.
How many branches or offices does STS Staffing have?

STS Staffing has six offices located throughout the country with specialized recruiting professionals at each location. We’re ready to meet your staffing and recruitment needs, with staffing agencies in Las Vegas, NV; Reno/Sparks, NV; Phoenix, AZ; Minneapolis, MN; or Nashville, TN.

What types of jobs does STS Staffing recruit for?

STS Staffing recruits for temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions in industries including seasonal/retail, manufacturing, warehouse, customer service, healthcare, administrative and transportation. Whether you need the flexibility of temporary staffing for project-based, full-time, part-time, and seasonal requirements, want to assess a candidate on the job with our temporary-to-hire option or need help filling a full-time role, STS Staffing can assist.

How long has STS Staffing been in business?
STS Staffing has been serving the business community for 32 years. In 1991, we opened the doors to our Minneapolis, MN, office. Over the years, we have built trusted relationships and professional networks with employers and job seekers. The company has since grown to become a nationwide staffing agency with six locations throughout the country, covering a wide range of industries and staffing solutions.