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Meeting Modern Recruiting Challenges with Paperless Systems

The economy of the last couple years has presented a unique challenge for many employers: more job openings than available candidates. In March of 2019, for example, the U.S. Department of Labor noted there were 7.6 million unfilled positions – with just 6.5 million people looking for work, according to a report from Vox. Needless to say, such a statistic is just one of many recent challenges making it harder for companies to hire. Other obstacles in today’s job market include a lack of qualified applicants and in-house issues such as employer branding problems and inefficiencies in recruitment processes.

When a company has problems hiring, unfilled positions often negatively affect the business’s bottom line. To counter these challenges, organizations may revamp recruiting processes in-house, but more often, working with a staffing agency proves to be an effective solution. By using STS Staffing’s recruiting services, for example, organizations can:

  • Save time and cut costs vetting candidates
  • Have access to larger candidate pools
  • Benefit from fast-track hiring that ensures positions don’t go unfilled for long periods
  • Choose from prospective employees who are prepared for particular industries
  • Hire flexibly – i.e. temp to hire, seasonal, contract, permanent full time

A Paperless System That Makes Recruiting Seamless

To help companies meet the aforementioned recruiting challenges, STS has revamped the system it uses to make recruiting for its clients more seamless than ever. This means harnessing the power of paperless systems. So what are the benefits?

Moving to paperless lessens the time it takes to fill out information. When it used to take hours, it now only takes 15 to 20 minutes. This also gives STS the ability to place prospective employees in positions in just around 30 minutes, when it used to take days. It’s not just about speed hiring, however; we also work to ensure the employees we deliver are both highly vetted and qualified for the jobs they’re filling.

Switching to a paperless system also means STS can also recruit outside of brick-and-mortar locations to expand the candidate pool – meaning that you can benefit from access to a wider selection of prospects. This gives us the ability to onboard qualified candidates remotely and deliver them to you no matter where your business operates. 

STS will continue to improve efficiencies in its systems to better serve clients – enabling them to not only tackle business-centric challenges, but also those presented by the economy at large. To learn more about how our paperless system can make it easier for you to hire, reach out to us by using our contact form or e-mailing directly to



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