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The Benefits of Temporary Staffing in an Uncertain Economy

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In this time of unprecedented economic uncertainty, many businesses are left wondering how to stay afloat. Restrictions on business operation and a sharp decline in consumer spending have forced many businesses to make tough decisions about staffing, and the unemployment rate continues to grow by the day. Some businesses left largely unaffected by state mandates are cautiously optimistic about their stability. But the lingering threat of sustained economic turmoil demands a new hiring strategy — that’s where temporary hiring comes in.

Companies who need to fill roles may not want to incur the costs of onboarding a permanent employee while the economy is unstable. Temporary staffing during a recession offers a convincing alternative for companies seeking a cost-effective way to fill positions and keep things running as usual. Here’s why.

You’ll be able to respond to fluctuations in the economy.

We (unfortunately) cannot predict what will happen in the upcoming months. So, having a hiring model that can respond while allowing for cost-efficiency will pay dividends down the road. By hiring temporary staff, you’ll gain an easy yet effective solution for filling roles, whether you intend to keep the position in the long term or not — especially when you partner with a staffing agency that can provide the right fit for your goals. Hire quickly, and if your business begins to suffer, you’ll be able to react accordingly without the costs of permanent staffing.

You’ll save on costs associated with permanent employment.

The costs of hiring, training and even firing can drain businesses of money they can’t afford to lose. These costs can sting even during a healthy economy, let alone one that’s struggling and volatile. But with temporary staffing as an option for employment, your business gains a little more wiggle room with some of these costs. Temporary staffing offers an option that saves on the following:

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Severance packages
  • Benefits

If your business is actively trying to hire right now, think about your strategy and how it may be costing you. The more time and money you spend searching for the right candidates upfront will hurt in the long run. Be protective of your resources, and work with a skilled partner like STS Staffing. You’ll gain you access to a pool of highly qualified candidates and the most cost-effective solution for filling temporary roles, fast.

How can we help you?

It can be intimidating to hire in an economy like this. Whatever your staffing needs are right now, STS Staffing is here to offer the support you need to keep your business up and running. We have years of experience placing skilled temporary workers with the right jobs in a variety of industries. We can help you navigate this uncertain market by matching temporary staff to the roles you need to fill as soon as possible. Reach out to us and we’ll be in touch shortly.



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