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Debunking Common Misconceptions About Working with a Staffing Agency

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Working With A Staffing Agency - STS Staffing & Temporary Services

Are you in the middle of a difficult job hunt? Many job seekers go through the process alone rather than obtaining help from a staffing agency. Often, their hesitation stems from outdated and outright incorrect assumptions about how an agency works and the benefits it can provide.

Five Common Misconceptions Regarding Staffing Services

Myth #1: Staffing agencies charge job seekers looking for work.

Actually, the job seeker pays nothing.

Years ago, fee-based employment agencies were common. The business model has changed, but the idea that candidates pay agencies to find work has lingered, notes Wade Solberg, CPC; President, CEO, and Managing Partner, STS Staffing & Temporary Services.

Today, business clients pay staffing agencies to recruit and hire qualified workers. If the placement is permanent, the company pays the agency a fee for its services. If placement is temporary, STS Staffing acts as the individual’s employer, paying their wages by billing the client at a rate higher than the pay rate to cover expenses and produce a profit.

Candidates pay nothing to be placed.

Myth #2: Agencies only offer temporary, part-time, and entry-level positions.

While it’s true that agencies are skilled at filling temporary and part-time positions, a significant percentage of job placements are permanent.

In addition, said Solberg, “up to 35% of our annual business is on a temp-to-hire basis.” Clients who work well in the position can anticipate being hired permanently when their contract ends.

Myth #3: There’s no benefit to using an agency; we all look at the same job ads.

In reality, many positions are never posted publicly.

Thanks to its strong relationships with a broad range of companies over its 32 years in business, STS Staffing has access to information about unadvertised openings and a deep familiarity with the client’s business and seasonal hiring needs.

Plus, as part of the placement process, candidates may receive additional assistance in safety training and guidance regarding resume writing and interviews.

Myth #4: Agencies are more interested in filling a position fast than in my career goals.

“We never want to ‘throw a body’ at a job and risk putting someone in a situation they are not qualified for. We also don’t want to risk our reputation of providing good opportunities to job seekers and making good candidate placements with our clients,” noted Solberg. “Due diligence in our selection process is vital to the success of our business relationship.”

Rather than rushing an individual into a job, recruiters consider a candidate’s experience and career goals to make the best match between clients and candidates.

Myth #5: Jobs filled by a temporary firm don’t pay well.

“The adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ has never been truer than it is in today’s competitive employment landscape,” said Solberg. Pay rates have risen dramatically to keep pace with recent market conditions. He noted STS Staffing often advises business clients on current pay rates so they can remain competitive. This way, there is less risk of losing a skilled worker to a higher-paying company.

Expert Assistance

Your job search is a personal journey that may involve numerous ups and downs. If you can obtain assistance from recruiting experts, free of charge, to find a good-paying job that advances your career goals, doesn’t contacting an agency seem worth a try?

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