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Beyond Resumes and Interviews: Innovative Hiring Strategies for the Modern Workplace

Beyond Resumes and Interviews: Innovative Hiring Strategies for the Modern Workplace - STS Staffing & Temporary Services

Good workers are hard to find – and that isn’t expected to change anytime soon. SHRM recently stated that continued inflation, the threat of recession and fewer people in the workforce will likely contribute to an ongoing labor shortage.

To remain competitive and meet labor demands, businesses must become increasingly creative in their hiring strategies.

Five Innovative Hiring Trends Currently Gaining Traction

1. Treat Candidates Like Customers

Today’s candidates can afford to choose where they apply, interview, and work. Disrespect them, waste their time, or complicate your application process, and they’ll go elsewhere.

It boils down to building a good candidate experience. That begins with a concise, mobile-friendly, and inclusive online application. It continues as you nurture the candidate through a swift hiring process with frequent check-ins and updates.

“Make sure your candidate communications are personalized and specific,” recommends Page Up. “Provide specific feedback in the post-interview stage and treat the candidate with care and respect – regardless of the outcome.”

2. Expand Your Social Media Presence

Explore new social media channels and use them in new ways.

“If you’re already active on the most popular social media (LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter), one of the most innovative recruitment methods is to try recruiting in niche channels,” notes Workable. They cite examples of innovation, such as Goldman Sachs, which posted job ads on Spotify, and Hubspot, which shares career tips on Pinterest.

Companies also can leverage social media to present recruitment videos and test candidate skills. It’s all about connecting with candidates through their interests.

3. Embrace HR Technology

Effective hiring means leveraging all the technological tools available to recruiters today.

  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

“Applicant tracking systems help hiring managers better manage the process of recruiting and hiring talent. For a constantly recruiting company, recruiting software can help save time and money,” notes Forbes. Effective ATS software automates job postings, identifies qualified candidates, sets up interview appointments, and facilitates collaboration between everyone involved in the hiring process.

  • Text Recruiting Software

Younger job candidates prefer receiving texts from a recruiter over a phone call or email. Plus, texting can speed up recruiting by eliminating time spent playing phone tag or waiting for email responses. And since candidates can text on the fly, you’ll likely get a swift reply.

  • AI Chatbots

An AI-powered chatbot can answer questions in real-time, anytime. That flexibility in communication positively influences candidate experience. Chatbots reduce the recruiter’s workload by streamlining the hiring process, notes Indeed. They can easily sort through resumes and job applications, contact and prescreen candidates, schedule interviews, and even book interview rooms.

4. Hire from Within

You already have great workers; have you considered one of them for your open position?

“C-suites finally understand that, in a highly competitive job market that makes it harder to hire well-qualified candidates, they must focus on retaining their existing employees,” notes Lever.

This means creating career paths for workers and providing opportunities for upskilling to prepare them for internal advancement.

“Not only is [upskilling] more cost-effective than hiring externally, but you’ll reduce employee turnover by offering upward mobility,” adds Hubspot.

5. Bump up Your Benefits

Harvard Business Review notes that creative benefits can help you retain talent and attract candidates. Good salaries are always a draw but think beyond strict monetary compensation.

Among benefits that could give your company an edge:

  • caregiver support programs
  • childcare services
  • hybrid work options
  • flexible scheduling
  • wellness perks
  • improved health care benefits
  • restructured bonuses.

Innovation = Effectiveness

The landscape of recruiting has changed dramatically over the past few years, and hiring practices must continue to evolve for hiring managers to remain effective.

Respect your candidates. Reach out via text and social media. Leverage recruiting tech and focus on internal career paths to gain a competitive edge in the war for talent.

Sometimes, even the most efficient hiring strategists can use a boost. Contact STS Staffing for expert support with your temporary and permanent placements.



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