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Why Hiring Through a Staffing Agency is a Cost-Effective Solution for Your Next Event

Why Hiring Through a Staffing Agency is a Cost-Effective Solution for Your Next Event - STS Staffing & Temporary Services

If you’re planning your first corporate or community event, festival, trade show, grand opening, or conference, you probably don’t know what you don’t know. For instance, what jobs can your current staff handle? How many additional staff will you need? How do you hire reliable security, servers, bussers, bartenders, ticket takers, lighting and sound technicians, concession workers, and set-up or clean-up crews?

If you have planned an event before, you understand how many details there are to manage. How do you ensure your staff is experienced, service-oriented, and motivated to reflect your brand positively?

When you’re relying on the success of an event that takes weeks or months to plan, you don’t want to leave staffing to chance. Partnering with an event staffing agency resolves many of your questions and concerns.

What is an Event Staffing Agency?

In the past, you may have benefitted by working with a staffing agency to help fill open temporary positions. Similarly, event staffing agencies coordinate event-based placement of professionals with hands-on experience within this unique niche. They can quickly mobilize a workforce with the skills necessary to make your event successful.

Let’s look at some benefits of obtaining your event staff through an agency.

Expert Assistance

When you partner with a staffing agency, you’re working with people who likely have managed many more events than you have. They know how to plan for team size and requirements.

“They will ask you about the type of event you are planning and will be able to recommend staff based on their skills, experience, and areas of expertise,” notes The HR Booth. “Staff with experience in similar events are more likely to do the job to a higher standard than those without experience.”

A staffing firm can provide staff with the required skills and necessary certifications. Your staffing professional can provide logistical support throughout the event so details are not overlooked.

Time Savings

Rather than you having to place ads, screen, interview, hire and possibly train your event staff, an agency has done all that work for you in advance. They have a pool of qualified staff ready to hire. That crosses a lot off your to-do list right from the start.

Moreover, since your temporary event staff are employed by the agency, the agency takes care of wages, benefits, and insurance. You save time and money not having to manage the paperwork.

Emergency Backup

The agency pre-vets the staff you hire so you know they have the skills and professionalism for the job. They have often worked with the agency and have a good track record. However, if a staff member doesn’t show up, an event staffing firm has the resources to replace them quickly with someone just as capable.

Your agency manager has the expertise to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Your Number One Event Resource

An event staffing agency is an invaluable resource that provides planning expertise and experienced staff while saving you time and helping avoid last-minute crises.

Contact STS Staffing for more details on staffing your next live event.



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