Getting America Back to Work

A door with notes that read "Sorry we are closed. Covid-19."

“There are seldom, if ever, any hopeless situations, but there are many people who lose hope in the face of some situations.” – Zig Ziglar

We are certainly all experiencing Covid-19 fatigue by now, and the accompanying uncertainty of when we can all return to life as we once knew it is yet another quandary without a clear answer. If we adhere to the idea that the one single constant in life is change, then dealing with a new normal will be easier to accept. As Zig’s quote above reminds us, we are not in a hopeless situation, but the loss of hope is what can drag some people down.

If you’ve lost business, been laid off, or if your company has gone under completely, then it’s understandable that you’d be less than hopeful at this point. Couple that with the fact that shelter-in-place orders are being extended nationwide, and it gets all the more frustrating.

But, we all need to face the facts and deal with these realities in an effort to bounce back and overcome these challenges. If this includes a long look in the mirror and a frank gut check, so be it. No one said life would be fair, but a very wise person once said, “it’s not what happens to us, it’s how we deal with what happens to us that matters.” Not sure that person was Zig Ziglar, but it’s a phrase that bears strong consideration.

Here are some other things to consider, and plan for, as we all get to the task of getting America back to work.

The road less traveled by

If you’ve lost your job, now’s the time to do some soul searching and determine how you’re going to start working again. Your industry may now have an entirely different look and feel as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. Are you prepared to make those adjustments? If you have successfully been able to work from home, is that something you may want to continue? Can business function effectively without face to face meetings and handshakes? Can we use Zoom or Microsoft Teams to conduct all of our meetings? Should you take this opportunity to get into an entirely new line of work? The point here is that we’ve all been pushed into a crossroad and need to choose a path or navigate the direction our particular industry or company will head in. This is a time for self-reflection in terms of leveraging your particular strengths in an effort to determine what your work life is going to look like as we all move forward.

Mask, check. Gloves, check. Hand sanitizer, check.

What will going out in public look like? Will you be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at work? Have your temperature checked? We all need to be prepared for changes in this area, and we all need to be prepared for interacting with others who will rely upon their own individual choices concerning the use of some, all, or maybe no PPE, despite the advice of noted medical experts. Being prepared for this will be necessary, along with continued guidance on what’s recommended to protect yourself and others in the workplace, and in other public places.

May I have this dance?

People are social creatures. We generally enjoy and seek out the society of others, but what about jumping on a crowded elevator in an office building? Can you hold your breath all the way up to the 25th floor? How will you get to work or to meetings? Subway? Car? Bus? Airplane? Bike? Walk? Does your work require you to be in an office full time or even part time? And that’s to say nothing of someone serving food in a restaurant, bar, or a sporting venue. How, when, and where you work or interact with clients, customers, and associates may be just as important as what you choose to do for work. Consider the options and decide accordingly.

The cure may be killing us

We may not be able to solve the worlds’ problems in a short blog, but we do need to consider the costs of not returning to work in a timely manner. This is not to say we do so in a cavalier fashion, void of all precaution, but our overall economy sitting idle is not a good thing. We all need the challenge offered by meaningful work in order to be fulfilled in life and every day we don’t engage in that beneficial activity is another day lost. If you’ve been able to function and make your contributions from home, great, but a large majority of people earn their livelihood in a manufacturing plant, warehouse, restaurant, barbershop, etc. Each business that provides valued goods and services is essential and should be allowed to reopen. We don’t have time here to address the ramifications of shelter-in-place orders, in some cases leading to substance abuse, growing concerns about obesity, or domestic violence as a result of people being forced to stay at home rather than work, but these are serious issues added to the mix.

In summary, let’s not lose hope in our ability to meet challenges in challenging times. May our government bodies work in the best interest of the constituents they’re obligated to serve and form reasonable policies that respect our rights and safety, but allow the freedoms we enjoy as US Citizens, one of which is to be gainfully employed in our chosen field of endeavor.

All of us here at STS Staffing understand the need for getting America back to work, so please contact us if you’re looking for a job or if your company needs employees to help your organization prosper and grow as we emerge from this economic pause.

STS Staffing: Covid-19 Response

Dear STS Clients and Temporary Associates: 

Thank you for being one of our many clients and/or temporary associates in the various markets STS Staffing serves across the United States. We value our relationship with you as some of our most loyal supporters, and we are extremely appreciative of that.

We are currently experiencing a unique and challenging time, creating many concerns for employers and employees. Please know that the health and welfare of our clients and our employees is truly one of STS Staffing’s highest priorities. 

We have all been hearing the news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, and STS Staffing continues to review the updates from the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and also local governments. 

Going forward, we want to operate with some common sense guidelines to reduce risks in and out of our office locations and our client’s facilities. Here’s what we’ve shared internally, and now share with you:

Currently, the CDC recommends everyday preventative actions including: 

∙         Washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

∙         Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

∙         Avoiding close contact with people who are sick.

∙         Staying home when sick.

∙         Covering your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throwing the tissue in the trash.

∙         Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces.

If feeling ill for any reason, STS Staffing wants you stay home and err on the side of caution.  Please keep your direct report/supervisor and STS Recruiter updated about your health and about any indication of an illness. For the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the incubation period is currently 14-days (check the CDC website for any changes to time period) and STS Staffing will follow the guidance of the CDC to ensure employees who were exposed or at high risk of exposure can practice social distancing for that period.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Corporate Office at

This e-mail account is monitored regularly, to include weekends. Storms don’t last forever, even bad ones. When this passes, we look forward to a return to ‘business as usual’ and we’re very confident that we have the collective resilience to successfully get through this challenging period. 

It is our pleasure to have loyal supporters such as you and, together, we will endure.  

D. Wade Solberg
President / CEO

A Professional Job Placement Agency Bringing Dynamic Clients and Employees Together

STS Staffing has updated its website to be more user-friendly by offering more usable content for companies seeking employees and job-seekers looking for new employment.

Who Is STS Staffing?

STS Staffing is a Twin Cities-based professional job placement agency that has served Minneapolis, St. Paul and greater suburbs since 1992. We’ve seen many changes in permanent and temporary staffing after 27 years of business, but as much as we’ve kept up with the technological advancements over that time, the core tenets of our business have not changed.

We still believe that business is about developing mutually beneficial relationships with both our clients and job-seeking candidates.

Job candidates waiting for a round of interviews arranged by a professional job placement agency

What Is an Employment Agency?

An employment agency is a company that helps businesses find employees. The agency acts as a partner with businesses to find the right candidates through proper vetting. Employment agencies are not job boards, and instead build relationships with companies seeking qualified candidates. 

While employment agencies help companies fill positions, they also assist job seekers in finding new employment through career consultation and a resume review process. These pools of qualified candidates are then sent to companies that are hiring for the position that best suits the candidate. 

Staffing Process That Works for You

At STS Staffing, we take pride in our personal approach to helping clients and candidates. We’re not like the thousands of job boards across the internet; we meet with you in person and create a real relationship. We conduct a 6-step signature staffing process with each client and personally tailor it to their needs:

  1. Contact is made between our team and a prospective client about temporary or permanent job placement.
  2. We arrange a meeting at our prospective client’s business so we can get to know their company by asking questions. Expectations for the partnership are also discussed. 
  3. Next is a facility tour — we want to get to know the actual job that’s being performed and understand safety procedures from a workers’-comp standpoint.
  4. STS Staffing will submit staffing agreement with hourly rates, obtain a credit application, and complete a safety walkthrough that goes in a client’s file.
  5. Once an agreement is signed, candidates are recruited and submitted to the client for interviews.
  6. Just like any new partnership, STS Staffing will follow up to make sure our client is comfortable and expectations are being met.

Businesses that partner with us will experience the personal touch of working with a company that understands their mission and goals.

Finding the Right Job for You

Just as our staffing services are personalized for each business, our job seeker services are also built to get to know applicants. There are 4 steps to our job-seeker registration, each designed to help find a position that best fits a candidate’s skills and qualifications.

  1. An employment registration form is filled out by a job seeker so we can gather general information.
  2. The job seeker then uploads their resume for review.
  3. One of our recruiters reviews the applicant’s credentials.
  4. STS Staffing arranges a face-to-face interview to get to know the candidate and understand their preferences when seeking a new job.

This personal approach to job placement has led to hundreds of new jobs for candidates. We’ll never charge an application fee and our services are ACA compliant.

Multiple Branch Staffing Agency

Beyond our 2 locations in Minnesota, STS Staffing has branch office locations in Phoenix, Arizona, Anchorage, Alaska, and Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada. While each branch location has a personality of its own and serves a varied niche, the overall STS core principles of integrity, hard work, and a commitment to going the extra mile are at the root of every branch we operate.

Find Employment or Employees with STS Staffing

We invite you to experience the STS difference if you’re looking for temporary or permanent work or are in need of highly qualified workers. We’ve expanded operations to support staffing projects nationwide, so our reach goes beyond just our regional office locations.

5 Generational-Related 2018 Workplace Trends We’ll See More of in 2019

Group of colleagues using a laptop together in a modern office
As the world turns so does the workplace environment. Your out-of-date 1980s style cubicles and furniture featuring soft pastels aren’t as welcoming or productive as they used to be. That’s why it’s time to start reimagining your office and how you do business internally.

STS Staffing has noticed a shift happening in big and small businesses this past year. And it’s more than just the furniture.

We want to give you a “boots on the ground” perspective of the culture shift we’re seeing across the country so you’re not losing employees to “cooler” (i.e. more modern) companies.

Here are our notable 2018 workplace trends that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

1. Casual Work Environments

The workforce trend in recent years that really fires us up is the acceptance of an office game room with craft beer on tap. Just as we were adjusting to a Casual Friday dress code, here comes an idea that seems to be beyond the bounds of reason (play time and free beer at work?).

And yet, studies show that the casual atmosphere reduces stress, stimulates creativity, results in more team cohesion and makes for a happy workplace environment. Hiring reasonable people who know they are at work to produce results and not play beer pong all day largely negates the criticism of the office lounge as something akin to giving matches to pyromaniacs.

End result? Happier workers = higher productivity = more profitability.

2. Social Media Recruiting Strategy

It will come as no surprise that leveraging social media platforms to either passively or proactively recruit candidates for open jobs is a trend that will continue to grow in usage and sophistication.

In addition to your aunt posting pics of her cats on Facebook, you’ll also see more postings for available jobs. After all, if you want to recruit lots of people, then go where lots of people go.

3. Higher Pay and Better Benefits

This seems almost too silly to mention in an economy with around 4% unemployment, but it’s notable because it is the truest expression of good old supply and demand.

In working with our clients to fill open positions, we are continually asked about finding people in the midst of the current labor shortage. In the nicest way possible, we counsel our clients to pay more, and they get it.

Providing better benefits speaks for itself, but the trend toward government mandated benefits — i.e., minimum wages, living wages, paid time off, sick leave, etc. — have been on the rise, particularly in states like California and individually in cities and municipalities as well.

Unfortunately, the government imposing itself on your business drives the cost of doing business up, and that cost will presumably be passed along to the consumer. Many of whom vote.

4. Healthcare Related Jobs

Notable because, hey, we’re all getting older, right? Beyond that, however, we have seen a marked trend toward growth in managed care facilities and other medical institutions.

Beyond a growing need for skilled doctors and nurses, consider other jobs that go into helping those in nursing homes or “over 50” communities with a healthcare component. Those drawn to “people helping people” professions will enjoy full employment and opportunities for career growth in the coming years.

5. Continued Growth of Temporary & Contingent Staffing

We could also add “Gig Economy” here where people work on their own as independent contractors in various fields.

It’s estimated that about 10% of the workforce at any given time is working as a temporary, contract, or contingent worker. Some predictions show that a 25% increase could be the case by 2025, and we don’t disagree.

So, why is this? There are many factors from the standpoint of workers and employers, but the short version for employers is “Outsourcing Risk.” Consider the cost of benefits, insurance (to include workers compensation coverage), providing payroll, payment of employment-related taxes, adhering to and administering state and local regulations, etc., and you get a feel for why an employer would be committed to outsourcing a portion of its employee population.

For more information on this topic, and to discuss how STS Staffing can assist your organization with cost reduction, please contact us. We’d be happy to meet you in your employee lounge for a lively game of foosball.

STS Staffing Has Relocated to a New Las Vegas Office Location

The new STS Staffing Las Vegas building


STS Staffing is excited to announce that we have recently moved, and our new office is open and ready for business. STS Staffing’s new Las Vegas office means a lot for both our employees and our clients. Read on to learn more about the new space and how it will benefit you!

The New Building

The STS Staffing new Las Vegas office location can be found at:

8360 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 210
Las Vegas, NV 89117

Phone: 702-735-4334
Fax: 702-735-5628

This move takes us from our previous location on Rainbow Blvd and moves us just west of the famous Las Vegas strip.

The new building is a larger space with 10% more square footage. This increased space allows for private offices for all of our team members as well as a larger conference room. The additional space means more room and privacy for meetings with clients and job candidates.

We are also upgrading our technology to host Skype interviews in our new conference room, along with adding more testing stations and better lighting throughout the office.

Our new office also has a much larger parking lot, creating more parking spaces for our clients. We understand that parking in Las Vegas can be a bit of a hassle, so we are happy to be able to provide our clients with more spaces to alleviate that.

At our Las Vegas hiring agency, we are all about providing convenient solutions to our clients, and this new building gives us many more ways to do this.

The New Neighborhood

The old saying is that real estate is all about “location, location, location.” In that sense, STS Staffing has definitely upgraded. West Sahara is a great neighborhood in the Las Vegas area, and it provides a more central location just west of the Las Vegas strip.

Being closer to the action provides a great advantage for STS Staffing. Now that we are located closer to the strip, it will be easier for us to keep our finger on the pulse of the Las Vegas employment scene.

Being closer to the strip also makes us accessible to more candidates, which means that we can help match more people to jobs that fit their skillset. Overall, moving to this new neighborhood is a win-win for STS Staffing and the people that we work with.

What This Means for STS Staffing

STS Staffing is excited about what this move means for the present and the future of the company. We have no doubt that this new move will help us better serve our clients in a variety of facets. There is a noticeable buzz around the office and a new level of enthusiasm that comes from the change (having a better view outside the office windows doesn’t hurt, either).

“The enthusiasm of the Las Vegas staff has never been higher,” said Wade Solberg, our president and CEO. “They are all proud to call our new office building home. It’s the type of place they want to invite their clients and candidates to.”

As we look into expanding the administrative/clerical, technical and managerial sectors of our business, we can be proud of a first class office space that aligns with the new direction. We hope to become one of the top clerical and administrative staffing agencies in Las Vegas, and this is a step in the right direction.

How the Move Helps You

This new building provides you with one major benefit: more potential opportunities. Every change comes with new opportunities, and this one creates an endless amount of them for all of our potential clients and candidates.

As we continue to grow, we hope to expand our services and the amount of industries that we serve to become the most comprehensive West Central Las Vegas staffing agency.

We are excited about STS Staffing’s new office location, but we’re even more excited about how we can better serve you. Are you ready to get started? Learn more about our Las Vegas office today!

Fall is here! Sign up for STS’s Seasonal Jobs.

Never mind that today will top 90 degree’s with July-like humidity outside, it’s officially the first day of Fall.  Regardless, we’re happy that it’s football season and we will see a change in the weather soon.  As the temperature’s drop along with the leaves on the tree’s, it’s a sure sign that STS Staffing will be gearing up for many new Seasonal job opportunities.  If you are looking for some supplemental income for school, or have time available during the day or evenings to work, STS Staffing can most likely help put some extra cash in your pocket.  Positions in retail, warehouse, assembly, and even outdoor services like snow shoveling will be available.  Contact your local STS Staffing office today and speak to a recruiter about available positions and upcoming needs.  As they say – ‘Winter is coming’.

Find all the STS Staffing Office locations and contact information at: