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Customer support, or customer service, jobs are required in nearly every industry. This makes the demand for full and part-time customer support jobs extremely high. However, the role isn’t for everybody.

Customer support representative (CSR) jobs require candidates that display a great deal of patience and a significant appetite for helping people. To thrive in this role, full and part-time customer service job candidates require having a deep knowledge of the services or products the business can offer customers and clients. This role also necessitates individuals who have attentiveness toward customers and the ability to guide them in the right direction. STS Staffing provides temp services for customer service jobs in the Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Nashville, Phoenix, and Reno markets. Take a look at our openings and send in your application.

Customer Service Openings

Staffing Full and Part-Time Customer Service Jobs in Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Nashville, Phoenix, and Reno

STS Staffing can search and supply businesses with candidates that have demonstrated proper phone etiquette for call center representative jobs as well as CSR roles. Our candidates have proven the ability to constructively interact with customers in an effort to answer questions, resolve problems and fulfill service orders.

We can help you staff your customer support jobs with skilled candidates. If you’re a business looking to fill full or part-time customer service jobs in Las Vegas or Reno, Nevada; Minneapolis; Minnesota; Nashville, Tennessee; or Phoenix, Arizona; contact us today by phone or email and start finding the right employees for your organization.

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