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Located in Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Reno and Phoenix, STS Staffing has made a tremendous impact on the placement of delivery support personnel nationwide. Our driver employment agency provides services that include sourcing and screening candidates who are focused on delivering goods and equipment in an efficient manner. We offer placement for full-time delivery support personnel who excel in servicing delivery vehicles by maintaining vehicle cleanliness and loading product in and out of the warehouse. Part-time employment is also available. View our open jobs and send in your application! 

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We source, screen, and place all levels and categories of local delivery driver jobs. We have placed drivers with Class A CDL or Class B, and other truck configuration licenses. Please contact us about your specific needs or requirements and we’ll find the candidate that’s fit to complete your delivery driver needs.

Due to insurance and workers’ compensation restrictions, we are unable to staff certain types of drivers, but every circumstance and company need is unique, so it’s best to discuss the position with STS Staffing to determine how we can be of service. We are also set up to do full DOT background checks, physicals, and drug screens for full and part-time delivery support personnel.

If your organization needs help filling local delivery jobs in Reno, Las Vegas, Minneapolis or Phoenix, contact STS Staffing to develop a recruiting strategy. 

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