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No two retail establishments are the same, and that’s why we offer the perfect opportunity for those interested in filling part-time and full-time retail jobs in Minneapolis, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Reno. We administer specific skill testing in virtually any discipline to ensure you’re hiring a candidate with the proper skillset you need to grow your retail business. Our process works for both full and part-time retail job candidates.

Retail Sales Jobs

STS Staffing is a retail recruitment company that provides full and part-time retail sales jobs for people with all types of backgrounds. Whether you’re looking to hire part-time work for your large department store or a full-time retail sales job at your niche boutique, we’ll carefully vet candidates who will fit the environment you’ve created at your store.

Cashier Jobs

STS Staffing can identify candidates for your full and part time cashier jobs. You need someone who can handle basic math, manage their time, has a knowledge of your products and has proper phone etiquette. Candidates looking for a full time cashier job will be sent our online skill testing so you don’t waste time in the hiring process. This option is also available for part time positions.

Stocking Jobs

An often-overlooked aspect of your retail business is the organization and stocking of your products. Our retail staffing agency is available to provide a convenient way to find candidates for full and part-time stocking jobs.  We’ll find candidates who are willing to work with a flexible schedule, understand basic math, and possess the organizational skills you need. Our assessment process will also evaluate candidates for the physical attributes needed to handle a full-time stocking job.

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Searching for candidates to fill your part or full-time retail jobs in Minneapolis, Phoenix, Reno or Las Vegas? Contact STS for effective, high-quality recruiting. 

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