My #1 Stop For Staffing Needs

I’m so delighted with our partnership with STS Staffing. We do project-based work, so I have used my fair share of temporary staffing. Michelle and Paul’s communication is well beyond anything I have received from other companies. Follow-up is quick and concise and when a temporary staff didn’t work out, instead of just replacing them, Paul did a quick check-in to see if we needed to change who/what we were looking for. The emphasis was on do we have the right people, not just do we have the right number of people. That is huge for how we run our business.

The care they have for their employees is evident as well. Michelle personally did a safety check on the first day we had people starting. She made sure everyone had what they needed, and were going to be in a safe environment and she knew exactly what they were going to be doing.

I have only been using STS Staffing for a few months, but they are going to be my number one stop for my staffing needs going forward.