Partnerships that work

With the end of another successful year and the beginning of a new year already underway, I wanted to take the time to personally thank you and Team STS for helping Strom exceed our goals for 2016. While business is challenging in the current environment, our partnership with STS has proven invaluable in providing the edge we need to compete and be successful while making sure our clients continue to receive top rated service.

Choosing the right partner in these times is no easy task. Worthwhile partnerships transcend old models of price-only or alleged dollar advantage. today more than ever partnerships need to be flexible and communication between partners needs to be frequent and sincere. I believe that STS rises above all others in these metrics while delivering a fairly prices service which is on-time all of the time. STS has kept its promises, over-delivered and helped us out in pinches, both large and small, when timelines seemed unworkable for every other party.

We are pleased to enter 2017 with a strong partnership and I personally look forward to working together on the many project which are on the board in the coming months, I know you join me in our efforts to make 2017 the best year so far.