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STS Staffing has updated its website to be more user-friendly by offering more usable content for companies seeking employees and job-seekers looking for new employment.

Who Is STS Staffing?

STS Staffing is a Twin Cities-based professional job placement agency that has served Minneapolis, St. Paul and greater suburbs since 1992. We’ve seen many changes in permanent and temporary staffing after 27 years of business, but as much as we’ve kept up with the technological advancements over that time, the core tenets of our business have not changed.

We still believe that business is about developing mutually beneficial relationships with both our clients and job-seeking candidates.

Job candidates waiting for a round of interviews arranged by a professional job placement agency

What Is an Employment Agency?

An employment agency is a company that helps businesses find employees. The agency acts as a partner with businesses to find the right candidates through proper vetting. Employment agencies are not job boards, and instead build relationships with companies seeking qualified candidates. 

While employment agencies help companies fill positions, they also assist job seekers in finding new employment through career consultation and a resume review process. These pools of qualified candidates are then sent to companies that are hiring for the position that best suits the candidate. 

Staffing Process That Works for You

At STS Staffing, we take pride in our personal approach to helping clients and candidates. We’re not like the thousands of job boards across the internet; we meet with you in person and create a real relationship. We conduct a 6-step signature staffing process with each client and personally tailor it to their needs:

  1. Contact is made between our team and a prospective client about temporary or permanent job placement.
  2. We arrange a meeting at our prospective client’s business so we can get to know their company by asking questions. Expectations for the partnership are also discussed. 
  3. Next is a facility tour — we want to get to know the actual job that’s being performed and understand safety procedures from a workers’-comp standpoint.
  4. STS Staffing will submit staffing agreement with hourly rates, obtain a credit application, and complete a safety walkthrough that goes in a client’s file.
  5. Once an agreement is signed, candidates are recruited and submitted to the client for interviews.
  6. Just like any new partnership, STS Staffing will follow up to make sure our client is comfortable and expectations are being met.

Businesses that partner with us will experience the personal touch of working with a company that understands their mission and goals.

Finding the Right Job for You

Just as our staffing services are personalized for each business, our job seeker services are also built to get to know applicants. There are 4 steps to our job-seeker registration, each designed to help find a position that best fits a candidate’s skills and qualifications.

  1. An employment registration form is filled out by a job seeker so we can gather general information.
  2. The job seeker then uploads their resume for review.
  3. One of our recruiters reviews the applicant’s credentials.
  4. STS Staffing arranges a face-to-face interview to get to know the candidate and understand their preferences when seeking a new job.

This personal approach to job placement has led to hundreds of new jobs for candidates. We’ll never charge an application fee and our services are ACA compliant.

Multiple Branch Staffing Agency

Beyond our 2 locations in Minnesota, STS Staffing has branch office locations in Phoenix, Arizona, Anchorage, Alaska, and Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada. While each branch location has a personality of its own and serves a varied niche, the overall STS core principles of integrity, hard work, and a commitment to going the extra mile are at the root of every branch we operate.

Find Employment or Employees with STS Staffing

We invite you to experience the STS difference if you’re looking for temporary or permanent work or are in need of highly qualified workers. We’ve expanded operations to support staffing projects nationwide, so our reach goes beyond just our regional office locations.



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