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Staffing Special Projects: A Success Story

STS Staffing & Temporary Services has been in business since 1991, and in that time, we have supported all types of client needs — from short-term administrative assistant placements to fill in for someone out on leave, to extended work at a remote mining site providing skilled maintenance welders.

While we work diligently to meet each client’s personnel requirements from a quality and reliability standpoint, our work on special staffing projects for clients is a unique niche for STS Staffing.

What is a special staffing project? Here’s a recent example to highlight the added challenge we encounter in these situations.

The Situation

We received an inquiry via the STS website from a company that was going to be in the Las Vegas area putting on a mini go-kart race at a well-known casino property near the Las Vegas strip. The client needed numerous temporary staff in Las Vegas over the course of a week to make sure the event not only went well, but that things also ran on time, efficiently, and with the safety and security of the participants and attendees in mind.

As further background to this situation, it rarely makes economic sense for a company traveling to a given area to put on a special event or attend a trade show to bring all of its full-time staff to work the event. Thus, there was a need for an experienced firm like STS Staffing to step in and provide the necessary people to support the event. We were able to customize the ideal staffing solution for the unique needs of this client. There is a wide range of staffing companies in Las Vegas that claim to offer similar solutions, so we needed to show that our attention to detail makes a difference.

Our Solution

Back to our mini go-kart race example — we spoke with the client, discussed their needs and worked out a time to meet when they arrived in Las Vegas. We met the client at our local branch office and we proceeded to firm up the details, logistics, preparation, security, set-up, take-down, and coordinate start and end times for the scheduling of close to 25 temporary staff.

As you might imagine, there is a lot that goes into hosting a successful event and the client knew exactly what they needed to accomplish.

Working hand in hand with the client, STS Staffing was on-site each day of the event, checking in our temporary staff and making sure everyone was in place, had what they needed, and that we immediately addressed any questions, concerns, or last-minute direction from the client.

It is this type of experience, coupled with continual vigilance during the course of a special project, that proved highly successful in making this a truly enjoyable experience, both for the client, the participants, and the people who came in from all over the world to be at the race.

The Results

At the end of it all, the client was highly pleased and praised the efforts of our remote job recruitment agency. He commented that he uses staffing at these types of events nationwide, but said that STS Staffing went above and beyond to make sure he was taken care of. Other firms in other areas didn’t do as much. The client also asked about using STS Staffing’s services in other national venues, and we are currently working on those arrangements.

Your Staffing Agency for Remote Jobs

If you are a company with special projects in different locations, we hope this vignette is enlightening and that you take away the key points of coordination, cooperation, hands-on participation, project management, and diligent follow-up/follow-through. If you align yourself with a company that adheres to these principles of performance, your next trade show or special event will be much less stressful, and highly successful. Contact STS Staffing for more details.



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