Power Generation Facility

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See how STS went above and beyond to provide skilled workers for a highly regulated industry, including managing all the details for a union agreement.

Qualified Workers for Regulated Industries

In 2008, STS signed an agreement with a major utility provider in Nevada to supply skilled labor to a power generation facility just outside of Las Vegas. This staffing project was notable because it not only involved placing skilled workers in a highly regulated and safety-conscious industry with high standards but because the majority of the workforce were union members. Not only did STS supply qualified union workers, they also undertook the large task of auditing and implementing union pay scales and benefits, PTO, and other stipulations of the agreement. STS’s back-office team went above and beyond in working with the utility company, the workforce, and the union hall in pulling everything together to the satisfaction of all.

Project Facts


Pay scales, benefits & PTO managed.


Service for a highly regulated industry.
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Turnaround without compromising quality.