Agricultural Product Manufacturer

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When STS supplied the staff for an internationally known product manufacturer to assist with a facility closure, our working rapport led to a company expansion rather than a decommission.

From Closure to Expansion

Problem: An agricultural product manufacturer needed assistance with a facility closure.

Solution: STS provided the needed staff — and then some.

In 2005, STS began working with an international agricultural product manufacturer in central Illinois. The company was preparing to shut down its plant and needed assistance in cleaning up the facility before vacating. STS supplied the labor for the job, and in doing so, developed a solid working relationship with the company. When additional staff was needed to work on manufacturing a backlog of product that was in high demand, STS continued to supply the needed personnel. Because of this, the company began to outpace its production goals, causing the company not only to remain open but expand as well. What began as STS supplying a handful of helpers to assist with decommission turned into a full-blown production staff of over 100 workers in the same plant, which continued to break records and exceed expectations.

Project Facts


Years working in partnership.


Additional staff provided.


Company saved from closure.