Seamless Staffing Solutions for Drapery Company

Case Study: Insights and advice for job seekers and employers from the experts at STS Staffing. 

The Challenge: Transitioning New Drapery Company Ownership

When the client purchased a drapery company, they faced the challenge of managing the transition process smoothly. This included working with the previous owner, understanding the existing contractual relationship with STS Staffing, and assessing the skills and capabilities of the temporary seamstress provided by STS.

The Solution: Leveraging STS Staffing Services

To address the challenge, the client decided to rely on the services of STS Staffing to handle the temporary staffing needs during the transition period. STS Staffing provided a formal temporary seamstress, and their thorough due diligence in selecting a suitable candidate impressed the client. The seamless on-boarding process of the temporary staff member further solidified the client’s confidence in STS Staffing.

The Results: Identifying Exceptional Talent

After just one week of working with the temporary seamstress, the client recognized her exceptional fit for the position and realized they wanted to retain her as a permanent staff member once the contractual period ended. The relationship with STS Staffing not only facilitated a smooth transition but also led to the discovery of valuable talent that could benefit the client’s organization.

Testimonial: A Painless Staffing Experience

“Being a new business owner has plenty of hurdles and challenges, but utilizing STS Staffing’s services has not been one of them. The relationship agreement is clear and. concise, and roles were properly conveyed. The process of having a temporary staff member couldn’t be smoother or take less time from an administration standpoint. I will gladly turn to STS Staffing in the future for any potential staffing needs. Thank you for making life a little easier on businesses who are all struggling to find great talent in the market.” –New Business Owner